Top Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day

Stuck for Valentine’s Day plans this year? We are here to help. Whether you are single, in a relationship; pro or anti-Valentine’s Day, there is a movie for you.

There are endless possibilities for Valentine’s Day movies. So grab the remote, some scented candles, your favourite meal with a glass of wine and fire up one of these movies for a cosy night in.

                          Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones’s Diary, which is based on a 1996 novel, is a romantic comedy about a single woman who writes a diary that focuses on the things she wishes for in her life. Things change once two men compete for her love. IMDb rates this movie 6.7/10 and is available to watch on Netflix. 

                               Love and Other Drugs

 Another romantic comedy to watch is Love & Other Drugs starring the amazing Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhall. A young woman who suffers from early Parkinson’s meets the charming Sales Rep who puts him through his paces. Rated 6.7/10 by IMDb, you can watch this movie on Prime Video. 

                               The Notebook

      A classic, the notebook is a romantic drama based on a novel. This movie is about a young couple who fell in love but were separated by fate. The Notebook is available on Netflix and also has a 7.8/10 IMDb rating.

                             50 First Dates

      Adam Sandler, who plays a vet called Henry, falls for a beautiful woman named Lucy. Lucy suffers from short-term memory loss and has no recollection of meeting him. Henry spends his days romancing her with the hope she falls in love with him too. This rom-com is rated 6.8/10, which can be seen on Netflix.


Another of Adam Sandler’s movies which is new to Netflix is Blended. After a horrible blind date, the two find themselves stuck at a holiday resort together with their respective children. To no surprise, the two begin to chat feelings for one another. This movie is rated a 6.5/10 by IMDb.

The Proposal

A workaholic that faces deportation looks to her assistant to save the day by marrying her in return for a promotion. However, a trip home to his hometown brings some surprise. This rom-com is a 6.7/10 rating and can be watched on Prime Video.

The Fault in Our Stars

Rated 7.7/10 by IMDb, The Fault in Our Stars is a romantic movie about a young girl named Hazel who suffers from lung cancer. She joins a cancer support group and meets Augustus, who also suffers from cancer. They share a love for books and set out on a journey to meet their favourite Author. The Fault in Our Stars is available to watch on Google Play.

Pretty Woman

Pretty woman is a romantic comedy about a lonely businessman who hires a lady to attend social events with him. As he gets to know her, he ends up falling in love with her but will she feel the same? Pretty woman is rated 7/10 on IMDb and can be watched on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

Me Before You

Me Before You is a romantic movie about a young girl who becomes a carer for a recently-paralysed gentleman. Their bond develops and becomes stronger as they spend more time together. This movie is rated 7.8/10 by IMDb and can be watched on Google Play.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at The Louis Fitzgerald Group.